4 Hours to Charge after a Short 50 Minute Ride Normal?


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Hi, and another question. I drive the golf cart almost daily now and charge nightly. Is it normal for a 30-50 minute spin around the area to result in charge time of at least 4-5 hours before the charger shuts off?


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Thank you replying; I am sorry to ask so many questions. Maybe I should just email you?

Where do I get an instruction book (that probably came with the golf cart) that would explain everything?

Am thinking of buying a grease gun. I don't know what is in the differential but read on another site that it depends on the manufacturer.

Now wheel bearings are another question :) The car makes noise when going down the street, no screetching or anything like that but noise. Should I be concerned?

I don't do my trailer bearings but grew up on a farm in KS so understand some things :)


Don't worry about asking questions, that what Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum is here for... :D

The rear end in an electric EZGO uses 30 weight oil (some guys use 90w). There's a plug that takes a allen wrench near the bottom of the rearend pan on the passenger side. With the cart sitting level pull that plug and fill with 30W oil until it starts to run out the hole and screw the plug back in. If you want to drain the old oil you need to remove the pan. You can jack up the drivers side and pull the plug and you'll get most of the old oil out but pulling the pan is the only way to get it all out.

Any automotive grease gun will work for the grease fittings on the front steering and steering box...

It's normal for the golf carts motor to make a whining noise when running. Without hearing it it's hard to say if the noise you're hearing is normal. You can inspect and pack the front wheel bearings. I'd suggest taking a look at the wheel bearings and pulling the rearend pan and look for shavings to be safe...


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Sorry to piggy-back on your thread, but how often should the rear differential oil ? My cart has a hour meter under the seat that reads 283 and I assume the oil has never been changed, but I'm not sure.


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Where do you get those talking Service Manual's. :rotflmao:

Wont the oil break down before 5 years.
Oil is cheap. I think 1 or 2x a year. If nothing else it helps to flush out the fine metal shavings.


GB, do you change the rear end lube in your cars and trucks twice a year? :eek: :rotflmao:
If you do I need you as a customer. :hattip: :D

Seriously though changing rear end oil/lube twice a year is WAY overkill. There's no combustion in a rear end so the oil lasts much loner than it would in a engine.