4 cylinder motorcycle engines

bill perz

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I have always wanted to repower a golf cart (any brand) with a shaft drive 4 cylinder m/c engine. I'm really wanting something that will scare the hell out of me. Thanks for any input.


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You would need to use a different rear end. You would have no reverse.
What you suggest may be a lot of work and a lot of money. I know a couple of gals you could have unprotected sex with. That would scare the hell out of you.


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I have a similar project taking place. The only 4 cylinder motorcycle engine I can recall is a honda "goldwing"? I believe. If I am correct our projects are very Alike for I have a 500cc 50HP liquid cooled handa silverwing motor I amm putting in a G9. If it is a honda It shouldnt be as big a problem as you would think. What you need is a 4 stroke golf cart, due to the f/r differential. What I am doing is mounting the motor and taking the shaft that turns the wheel and shortening the length up quite a bit, then making a coupling that connects the shaft of the rear to the shaft of the bike.
Hope this helped and if my engine will make my cart scream I would love to know what yours would do.


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I have an old Yamaha 1100XS shaft drive an a Honda 250-X chain drive and it has reverse if anyone is interested both motors were running when parked and i fired the 1100 up a few months ago with gas spiked into the carbs. The had one on ebay that ran over 90MPH


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My wifes 883 Sportster sits in the garage and never moves. Every time I walk by it I think about putting it in a cart. I know where there is a trashed 84 marathon I can pick up for free...........


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IM putting a 600cc honda cbr in my yamaha golfcart. I guess that motor is putting out 100 horses. Having trouble with drivetrain though... Any ideas? Anybody?