36v lights question??


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Hey guys,
Ive recently thought about putting some headlights on the golfcart im building for my grandfather.But i read on buggies unlimited that for 48v you must have a reducer ,but it also suggestsone for 36v. I was wondering what would the effects be if i just left the 12v light connected to 36v batteries?
Thanks Dave


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You can hook the lights to two of the batts. for 12 volts. You are better to use a reducer because it pulls from the entire pack. The two batts will go bad faster than the rest if you use the lights often.
So far we have just pulled 12v off of two batteries for lights and spray rig without any issues so far. If the cart is in use they are trying to all equalize anyway is how I see it.


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although its not the best way to just run off 2 batteries as long as you rotate the 2 your using every 2 or 3 months you,ll be fine, your just dragging 2 batteries down faster than the other 4 by running this way...............................


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Thanks for all the info guys, i think i just might go to advance and buy a 12v battery and put it in the side tray thing. and just charge it with the regular 12v car charger.