36v in the 40's?


Talked to a local shop owner the other day and he accidentally let something slip. That being said, I pried as much info out of him as possible to fill my curiosity. He has a stock 36v cart that is supposedly running in the 40mph range on oversized tires. Claims that he toggled a second solenoid directly from batteries to motor. Gets the cart up to speed as one normally would then flips the switch that bypasses the controller/solenoid and kicks to the secondary solenoid tied directly to the motor dropping juice directly from the batteries allowing for extra speed.
My thoughts:
1. Kind of cool idea.
2. Sounds like a load of ____.
3. If it did work, wouldn't it kill the motor in short order?
4. If it did work, wouldn't it drain the batteries extremely quick?

I wouldn't do this to my primary cart, but possibly to a second build.

Your thoughts?
Sounds like there is a lot of speed control there when "jumped".