36v 6.1hp electric motor


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I have a 1994 cc non regen, which i'm statring to slowly build up. I change from v-glide to selonoids, upgrade to 48 volts, new batteries and all wires to #4 and put in a 36v 6.1hp 5300rpm motor, i haven't put the recomended 400amp controler,selonoid and the HD f & R switch yet(building up a little cash).With all this i don't even run 2 miles when the batteries are dead. My question is, Do i need put all the stuff that i mentioned above in order for this not to happens or there is anything else that i need to do? and what you guys recomend? Any reply is appreciate it.



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What you describe sounds like a bad battery(s). After the next charge take individual voltage readings on the batteries. Ride the cart until it starts to slow down and take the voltage reading again. Post your results. Make sure the batteries don't need water. You don't need to unhook any cables to take the voltage test.

The other parts you mentioned will help a LOT with performance but it shouldn't be causing the short run time. Is anything getting hot after you ride a little?