36v - 48v conversion (HELP)


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need some help, i have a 03 ezgo pds cart w/lift kit and tires bought 600amp ALLTRAX controller, want to convert to 48v cart for hunting buggy, can i use factory 36 volt motor or will it burn up.........I know i need solenoid(48v), & 6 8volt batt's, and new charger

Please help


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The stock PDS motors don't handle high amps very well like a stock series motor will. A stock PDS motor won't last long running a 600 amp controller at 36 volts and 48 volts will work it harder. I'd call D&D and tell them what your plans are for the cart and the controller you'll be using and see what they recommend.

The link to D&D is on the links page here if you need it...