36 Volt to 48 Volt Golf Cart Conversion


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Hi, wonder if anyone could help me out on this 36 volt to 48 volt golf cart conversion.
I recently got a 1992 Electric DS Club Car which was 36 volts. I wanted to convert it to 48 volts so it would have a little more power for hauling and the hills. This is the equipment I purchased: Controller, Solenoid, Motor, Heavy Duty F/R switch, Lestronic 48 volt charger (with 2 prong plug) and
some heavy gauge wire.

I replaced everything and then put the six 8 volt trojan batteries in. I charged it up with my charger, and it seemed to go fine. However, after taking on a short test drive, it died. Upon checking it out, I found the wires in the harness that go from the F/R switch, and back had melted into 1 wire. I called a local golf cart repair place who came and looked at it. What they found was, one of the wires in the harness had a nic on it and shorted/burnt out when it touched the frame of the cart, causing a domino effect on the others. They took it to their shop to put a new harness in it.
They told me that the configuration of the cart is not good because I am charging it like a 36 volt cart. I explained to them that I bought a Lestronic 48 volt charger that had a 2 prong plug, but they still said it was not right. They told me I need to get an on board computer going to a 3 prong receptacle on my cart, and a 3 prong charger, or else I won't get a full 48 volts out of the batteries.
I don't see why what I am doing wouldn't work just as well. It's a 48 volt charger charging a 48 volt bank of batteries, just with a 2 prong plug instead of the 3 prong that you usually see. I have heard of other people doing exactly what I did. Does anyone have any input on this? Would what I am doing work as well as how they are telling me to do it?
If anyone has any input on this please respond asap as I will be talking to the repair center tomorrow (11/18/09) afternoon after they put the new harness in. Thanks in advance!


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Greatjay, the way you are charging is fine, basically all the OBC will do is send a signal to the charger that the batteries are fully charged, if you are monitoring the charger manually, you should be able to get a full charge at 48v, sounds like the repair place needs a little bit of work this week lol. Keep on doing what you are doing and save the money on the OBC setup I have found they are more of a pain in the ass then a help. Besides I am sure you can find something else to spend that money on, like new rims and tires, controller upgrades, or anything else for the cart.


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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I couldn't understand why they told me not to do it the way I was, and I was like 99% positive that I was right, but I thought maybe there was something I wasn't catching myself with. I guess I just needed to hear it from another person that the way I was charging was fine.
I just got all of the new parts in and talk about a difference between the old 36 equipment and this! And I sure do need to save my money, I deck out my cart with flashers, strobes, the works. You should see it around the holidays lol. Thanks again for the reply!


Depending on which charger you bought it may have a timer board and will shut off automatically. If not you can always use a timer on the outlet the charger is plugged into so you don't forget and let it cook the batteries. :twocents: