36 volt resistor over heating


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I have a 36 volt system Club Car, don't know the year although it is maroon in color, seats 4 with a Ser # A9035219878.

Very new to the cart world, ( da ! )

My resistors are overheating setting static.
Related I believe: Cart wants to move when I initially switch the "foward/reverse" control knob out of neutral. Otherwise, cart moves great in either direction.
Speed is variable like it should be.
My bad: Drove through the creek and some splashing accured on controls. Understand that's a bad thing to do.
1.) Any idea as to the year of cart?
2.) Can the / should the potentiometer be dissambled, cleaned etc.?

3.) What is the real problem? (Please don't refer to the second sentence where "new" relates to igorance. Got that one !)


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Not have a wiring diagram except for the very small one I downloaded from this forum, could it be one of the 5 below the resistors or is there a single / main one somewhere else?

OH ! , by the way, thanks for the reply!


If you have 5 solenoids the main solenoid would be on the far left and won't be connected to the coils. More than likely that will be the one causing the problem. You can try tapping on it and it may start working but you'll still need to replace it.


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Machancially speaking, it sounds like great advice.
I'll try it tonight. Now let's see, , , a 2 pound hammer maybe ?

Just kidding !

Thanks again HotRodCarts !

By the way, I did find a wiring dia., exactly as I have. It does have a solenoid but only one. Not as I believed, one for each coil.

Found it on " bad pic host. of all places.

That would make it easy to fix / replace.
Given that, any idea of the year.


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its a 1990 cart and yes you have a soleniod thats stuck on......its the furthest left one.......you can try tapping it with something to see if it frees up but get yourself a new one.......36 volt soleniod.........................