36 volt or 48


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I have seen discussions regarding 36 volt and 48 volt. It is my understanding that a stock Ezgo motor is rated 36 to 48 volt. Why couldn't you install 6 8 volt batteries and get the same result as 8 6 volt??? I am considering this as it is bout time to install new batteries. If anyone knows any reason why this can't be done, please advise.



You can use eight 6 volt or six 8 volt batteries. You'll get a little more run time using eight batteries. The stock ezgo motor can handle 48 volts without a problem. You'll need a controller that can handle 48 volts. The stock ezgo controller is rated for 36 volts.


Just as a side note to what HotRodCarts said,
Some of the controller's are rated for 48 volts. But be sure to check and make sure. It will say on it 36 to 48 volts.


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Results from someone who has made the switch to 48v:

8-6v batteries give more range, maintained my ability to draw 12vdc from the pack for lights, stereo, etc., and allowed me to buy only a $50 automotive 12v charger for the extra 2 batteries while using my existing PowerWise for the other 6 in the pack. Stock motor still in use.

The only downside to my scenario is my wife isn't sure how to charge the cart yet, and I added 140 pounds of ballast to my ride.

For my useage, it works great.