36 volt ez go cart batteries 3x3


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I am trying to hook up batteries in an easy go golf cart, its a 36v cart and the batteries are under the seat three in front three in back, my uncle told me the positive goes to the right on all six batteries, but that puts the batteries in a position that when i go to hook them up, both main wires to power the cart will only reach both positive terminals, so i am thinking that the back row the positive is supposed to be to the left and the front row to the right so that it gives me the negative terminal in the back to hook one main wire too, and give me the positive in the front to hook too, as it sits now with all of the positive terminals to the right, i can only hook the main wires to both positives in the front and back and when i hook the batteries together in sequence. at the end on the left side my only option left is too hook the two negatives together, so i really hope someone can look at there carts and help me help my great great grandmother with this as this is the ONLY mode of transportation she has, and its been down for a week now due to the fact of having to come up with 600.00 for batteries i do not want to ruin!


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Your cart should be like Fig D. Hope this helps.