36 Volt Club Car Charger Does Not Come On

I have a Club Car with 33.6 volts across the bank of batteries. Charger usually will click even if there is not sufficient voltage for it to start charging. The battery charger makes no sound at all and doesn't come on when plugged in. I found wires loose in my 48 volt charger before. This charger has never been moved or touched. I do need new batteries, but at 33.6V it should still be charging and running.
Ok. Tested the charger. It is fine. Purchased a new 6 pack of Trojan batteries w/ 226 aph. Hooked up batteries, sprayed connections with terminal lube. Drove it less than a 1000 yrs. Got in it, has reverse and no forward. I assume, that the speed depends on which battery the reverse wire is connected. My problem is no forward at all. The linkage is attached to the potentiometer. Advice needed on this. Potentiometer wires go to the resistor coil. I am sure this has happened before to you guys. Old dang cart. Lol