36 Volt Battert Charger Seems Like It Does Not Shut Off.

'96 Club Car 36 volt resistor cart. New batteries, new v-glide, new wiper arm, new f&r switch and new solenoid. Club car battery charger still charging when I went out to unplug it and seems like it does not shut off. Each battery read 95-97% charge. Each battery read 7.5-7.6v. Put on charger noon previous day and 18 hours later still charging. I just made it back to the cart barn before charging. They had sat for a few days while I waited on parts to rebuild cart. Do 6v batteries charge to 7.5v? When I saw the voltage on my new batteries, i was worried. The charger meter was around 2-3 amps before I unplugged it. New components makes a 22 year old cart run very good.
Ok, did some research. Looks as though I unplugged charger a little early. Pack was at 45-46v and charger at 3amps. 18 - 22 hours for very first charge off the shelf. From what I read this is normal for new batteries. I was worried I was cooking my batteries.


Did the battery charger shut off on it's own with the old batteries? New batteries can take longer to charge so I'd plug the battery charger back in.
No it did not shut off with old batteries. Batteries were no good. New batteries were all at 95-97% charged. I will let the charger run its cycle tomorrow. But will keep an eye on it. Battery bank was at 45-46v and charger at 3amps when I unplugged it from cart. Looks as though everything is ok.