3 wheeled Melex Cart Help

Help !!!! I have an 1985 Melex model 152 (3 wheeled cart) - good motor, good batteries, good cart except I've got something broke in the rear end - anybody know where I can get parts ? new ? used ? maybe even a whole rearend ? I'm in North-East Texas area - 6o miles north of Dallas


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2nd Try Parts 4 Carts They are located in Athens, AL 35613. I'm not sure how far that is from you, but it's closer than here in NJ.


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Check golf cart shops that are near campgrounds. If they have been around for awhile, they may have a "bone yard" out back. Most larger campgrounds that have alot of permanent sites are overrun with carts. The differential from a 4 wheel 252 may be interchangable.