3 wheel Harley davidson FOR SALE!


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I have a MINT 3 wheel golf cart HArley Davidson for sale.

I just put over 300 dollars in the motor for new piston. rods. fuel lines. fuel filter. spark plug. spark plug line. points. (the good points not the chinese ones) it is mint green. original paint. black wheels with chrome hubcaps. black top. all new tubes in the tires. this golf cart is worth alot. the motor is fully brandnew.

I am located in Rochelle, illinois about an 1 away from chicago and aabout a half hour from Rockford. my phone number is 1815-561-5730 i can you send you pictures when you ask for them. i dont respond to emails and will always anwser the number above call or text message.

Just make me an offer for the cart im a serious seller because i want to buy a sport quad instead of the golf

i want the golf cart to go for 1,000 but i will always take a lower offer.

im open to all offers.

815-561-5730 call me if interested