3 wheel ezgo Sparks, help


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I recently purchased a 3 wheel Ezgo cart from someone I know and I know the cart ran fine last year before being put away for the winter. I bought it this spring without batteries and when I put batteries in, and tried to drive it, it started sparking from under the solenoid and could only stop it from sparking if I put it in neutral and turned off the key. See the photos on the diagram I folllowed in wiring the batteries, and an actual pic of how I wired the batteries. I have also included a video of the issue here in this link

Is this a wiring issue or something else?




It's hard to tell from the video, are the sparks coming from the forward and reverse switch? I'd say there's definitely a wiring issue.
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My money is on the rotating contacts for the speed control board. The rotating contact is spring loaded and is weak or stuck.