295 Need higher RPM


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I have a 2002 txt with a 295. I had adjusted the govoner were it ran 22 mph. After a long period a exhaust valve damaged the seat and I sent unit to shop to have a valve job done. When I got it back it seemed to have more lower torque but would runout at 12 mph. I checked the govoner and the setting is still the same. I tightened the cable more and still could not get the rpm up. Loosened the valves to .006 and still did not gain enough rpm, got up to 16 mph but will not pull a hill. Any suggestions on were to go from here?


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Thanks meant to say 190. At 150 we rebuild them. I must have misted the 1 the first time thanks


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the shop may have adjusted the throttle linkage at the carb. a compression test is always a good idea


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Thanks, I will run a compression test tomorrrow and recheck the linkage. I will be sure it has at least 150 + In each cylinder.