25" tires on a PDS


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I have a 2002 EZGO PDS cart..batteries are good, no issues. I bought a lift EZGO limo cart but dont want it lifted so im gonna put it back to stock height and move the lift kit and tires over to my PDS cart...IF its a good idea. The limo cart was a gas cart. Should i do it..will it work, will it mess up the controller or anything on the PDS cart?

Thanks again cartaholics.


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first off the gas have a different rear lift than the electric ..... now your PDS limo is it a stock limo or was it a made into a limo (a cut and stretch)

with a bigger controller we have run up to 26" tall tires...


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the limo is gas and it was a cut n' stretch. it had a spindle lift on the front and blocks in the back. I already moved the front spindles to my PDS cart from the gas limo cart. I just need to remove the rear lift on the limo and it will be stock height. I was gonna move the blocks over to the PDS cart but you're saying it wont work...hmmm...it looked like it would at a glance, but you are most definitely the expert..i'll need to find another way to lift the PDS cart then.


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Pics of the rear lift would greatly help. The only diff between G&E on our lift is the u-bolts. More than likely the differences are minimal.