220v ac generator with inverter??


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has anyone ever seen this done. using a 220v generator with an dc inverter?
just spitballing to see if i can make it stick!


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instead of running batteries use a 4500 watt generator and an inverter to put out 40 volts and 500-600 amps.
im putting a serious lift on it and dont like limitations of a gas cart. itll have about 30" of lift and the gen-invert system weighs less than 6 batteries and will still be quiet and never have to wait for batteries to charge


I cant see why it wouldnt work but Im only guessing. By the way thats a bad ass looking cart in your avatar. You need to start a thread in the lifted carts forum and post some pics of it with the details.


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I think your math may be incorrect.
Without any losses associated with conversion, a 4500 watt generator can only produce 112.5 amps. Inverters are no more than 90% efficient at best.
Watts = Volts x Amps - 4500w / 40v = 112.5a x 90% = 101.25a Max.

Additionally a 4500w generator has a noisy gas motor that would likely be too bulky to put anywhere on a cart. It might be OK for recharging batteries but that is about all.
As a rule of thumb, for generators requiring something like 4500w you would need a generator capable of nearly 10000w to run in a normal duty cycle of 50% which is recommended for an acceptable life cycle on the genset without prematurely killing it from running at maximum rating.


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thanks doug i was lookin for info.
got a cart without batteries and a generator just thinkin out loud.
the purple one had 6 trojans and would last a good long day hope to get same preformance from this one