22 /11/10 mud tires


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Hey yall long time watcher first post
just purchased a set of 27 inch tires im now selling a set of 22/11/10 carlisle mud tires still like new for 200 can't yet figure out how to post pics pm me if interrested and ill email a pic


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It is very easy to post pictures. The easiest way is go to a FREE site like Photobucket and get an account. Upload your pictures to Photobucket, then move your cursor over the picture you want to post. Move the cursor down to the box next to IMG CODE. Left click on the words in the box to highlight them, then right click on the words and choose Copy. Then in your Cartaholics post, right click and choose Paste. The main thing is getting the pictures hosted, you can't just add them from a file on your computer.