2020 EZGO TXT EX1 EFI ISG Controller Troubleshooting


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Hey I have the golf cart listed above and it will drive for about 10-15 minutes and then shut down while driving. I have traced almost every wire everywhere to find something potentially grounding out but nothing. I couldn't get it running again for a few days until I took the choke position sensor off and cleaned it. After doing that it ran for about 15 minutes and then slowly shut down. I tested the connections going to the ISG controller (this ISG is the three port) and I have 12.2 going in and 11.8 coming out. I did notice it was a little warm once it shut down but it is how outside and that engine compartment is way to compact for all these electronics. We let it sit for like 10 minutes with the key off and then she started right back and I was able to get it back. How can I determine its the controller for sure. My company won't let me order one until I know for sure that it's the problem. This unit also doesn't have a traditional starting solenoid. Just the brass starting relay and kymco computer. We can't find a schematic for it anywhere for this specific unit. Thanks again and sorry if i rambled.