2019 Golf Carts Modified Build Off


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Golf Carts Modified on Facebook is Hosting the First annual GCM Build Off.
This is a one year build off with Two classes.
This year we have a Modified class and a Super Modified Class.

Our build off is already picking up steam with 23 builders in both classes.
Not only is the Build Off covered on Facebook,Instagram and YouTube it is also being covered by Golf Car Options magazine.

Basic Rules:
1.You must start with a stock golf cart frame. The stock frame can be custom modified to fit any build.
  1. Any power train is acceptable as long as it stays in a stock golf cart Location.
  2. You can build as a solo builder or team. Vendors this includes you as well.
4.Modified Class has a budget of $7000.00.
. This doesn’t include the price of your cart.
. The 7k budget is for parts not labor.
. Any sponsorship will go towards your budget.
. Yes you can have sponsors.
Super Modified Class has No budget build the wildest cart you can. As long as stay within the first 3 rules.
Prizes will be given away all year long to people who follow the Build Off Page https://www.facebook.com/golfcartsmodifiedbuildoff2019/
The original cutoff date to enter was Feb 28th but due to us posting it here we will let Cartaholics members have more time to enter.

To enter please send us a email at Golfcartsmodified@gmail.com
Model of cart your building
Photo of cart
And what class you would like to enter

Any questions hit me back or email me at Golfcartsmodified@gmail.com

Thank you Ryan



Welcome Ryan and Thanks for posting this, maybe we can add some pictures etc as this goes along.

Bob Jonko has some old friends here also.

The GCM Build Off competitors.
If you haven't entered the contest you still have time.
February 28th is the cut off.