2019 GMC AT4 Sierra


I see it has one of those new type tailgates on it, how do you like it? My F 350 has the step and the grab bar that comes out of the tailgate on it and helps get my old fat ass up in the bed but those new tailgates look to be better.:D


I would make it about a mile with that tint up here, no tint on drivers or passengers side front. had done my truck and got pulled over by the state patrol for it as i was headin' to trap shootin', 8 guns on the back seat. needless to say he took my licence and went back to his car and within 10 mins there were 2 more troopers and 3 county SUV's. That was a long weekend..



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Lol. Limo tint is illegal here so I gotta pay cash for the tint. Only had deputy tell me its illegal once when he had me pulled over for speeding.
All the police cruisers are limo tint. Only time it's tough is in the dark with no street lights.V and Escalade are limo as well.
It gets hot down here :rotflmao: