2019 / 2020 Club Car Onward Li-ion CCDT Tool


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I am trying to buy a CCDT (Club Car Diagnostics Tool). I purchased a brand new 2020 Club Car Onward Sandstorm Li-Ion car and was never even offered to change any of the settings in the cart when I purchased it. I was reading online at the Club Car web site and seen that there is 3 speed settings that can be set at time of purchased that again I was never told about. The settings were 1) Econ 2) Normal 3) Speed, I called Club Car Tech support and that was a very fun thing to do being I had to wait for a call back but when the tech did call me back I was told of all kind of settings that can be changed like even charging time like to tell it to charge only off peak hours. Well as I was saying he was telling me all kinds of settings and that as I drive it I may want to change them as I go and also depending on where I'm at too. I asked him how can I change the settings and was told I need to buy a CCDT, I asked what was that and he said a Club Car Diagnostic Tool (CCDT) and he told me its a Bluetooth device you can purchase from my dealer or any dealer can sell it to me. He also told me to download the software for android download. Its only on android at this time and will be on the IOS in the future. I tried to buy this device from my said dealer and was told that I was not able to buy it. I even told them what the tech told me and even asked them how do they think I know so much about it. Well I called another dealer and was told that if I buy the cart from them they will give me one at $200. I have already purchased my cart so that didn't work. I have been calling all over the place, I figured its too new for aftermarket but I bet in a year they will be everywhere. I would just like to buy one now. So if anyone can help point me in the right direction or know of someone that can make one.
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The dealer that told you they would sell you one if you bought a golf cart from them won't sell you one without buying a golf cart? If not I would start calling dealers to see if you can find one that will sell it to you. You can also take the golf cart to a Club Car dealer and have them program if for you.
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