2017 EZGO RXV Cuts Out Under Full Pedal Uphill


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2017 EZGO RXV 48v cuts out under full pedal uphill, straightaway. Not downhill. Replaced solenoid, checked batteries under load test (OK). Stumped. Any advice would be appreciated. Also replaced speed sensor and pedal acceleration/brake sensor, pics attached. Thanks RB


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HotRodCarts? Ran cart downhill, level full throttle, no cut out. Voltage ranges 46-55. Uphill? Cuts out at around 43. Haven't tried but is there anything to be gained connecting voltmeter to each 12v battery? Last observation. On this cart, voltage jumps when I apply brakes. Like into the 60's. Counterintuitive but what do I know, I'm an internal combustion guy. Thanks, RB