2017 Drive2 PTV with severe toe in problem


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My 2017 Yamaha Drive 2 PTV has a severe toe-in problem. I noticed when the cart was delivered new that the steering wheel had to be turned 45 degrees to the left for the cart to go straight. The dealer explained to me on the phone how to adjust the wheel so I fixed that. Then, after 23 hours of driving, I noticed the front tire wear was terrible (almost bald in the middle [due to it being delivered with 6PSI too much pressure] and severe uneven wear elsewhere. Someone told me to check the Toe-in so I did that this morning.

After reviewing posts and videos on tire alignment, I measured my 20" tires (front to front, 10" off the ground) and well as doing the the same for the back of the front tires. My measurements are: Front center to Front center was 34-2/16". Measurement on the rear of the front tires (center to center) was 35-13/16. I'm told the difference should be 1/8" but mine is 1 and 11/16" toed-in. I also counted the threads on the tie rods (Driver side shows 9 threads while the passenger side shows 5 threads). I am assuming that since my toe-in is so bad and the threads on the tie rods are so different, that I can't simply start adjusting each one by the same amount.

My question: Should I start by adjusting both tie rods so the threads are equal (i.e., 7 threads visible on both [versus 9 and 5) and then start making equal adjustments on both until I obtain a 1/8" toe-in? I'm not sure how to approach this and I don't have a hitch on my car so I can't even rent a trailer to bring the cart back to the dealer.


I wouldn't worry about the threads not being even on both tie rods they may be that way to get the steering wheel centered.

Drive the cart straight 10-20 feet or so then without moving the cart measure your toe and set it for 1/16" toe in.

After the toe is set if the steering wheel isn't centered when going straight you can adjust the tie rods equal amounts on each side until the steering wheel is centered while driving straight.


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Thank you very much. When I first got the cart (before I knew it had a toe-in problem), I noticed the steering wheel was sitting 45 degrees to the left when the cart was going straight. I removed the steering wheel snap-on cover, removed the nut/washer holding the steering wheel on, and re-positioned the wheel to the straight.

Once I adjust the toe-in to make it 1/16" versus the 1+11/16" it currently is, do you recommend that I lift off the steering wheel and re-position it again since I already re-positioned it before realizing I had a toe-in issue?


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Af bob , do you feel your cart has enough power ? just asking because my 2018 drive2 is very weak going up any incline