2017 Club Car Onward Oil Light Questions


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Good afternoon everyone.
Noobie here (I hate to say that) but have to start sometime.
I have been looking for an answer to my questions on the internet and can't seem to find what I'm looking for.
I found this forum while searching and just thought I'd ask.
On my 2017 Onward Gas Subaru EX40 the oil light seems to glow some what when I drive it and the wife says that it flashed on her when she drives it. She said it would flash 2 times and pause then 2 times and pause.
My oil was changed a couple of months ago and is still clean, it's a little over the top hole on the dip stick.
Also where is the oil filter located? Some pages I read said it doesn't have a filter and some say it does. I am begging to agree with the people saying it doesn't have one.
Thanks for any info and time.


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Not sure about the light but I do think the Subaru EX40 doesn’t have an oil filter. Doesn’t the ECU throw codes from the oil light
I’ll check!


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I don't know exactly where the light gets its info from either. Thank you for you time and information.