2016 Cushman Hauler 1200 - Solenoid Clicks but Motor Won't Turn Over


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I have a 2016 Cushman Hauler 1200
Model # 61884G01
Serial # 3189084
Kawasaki Engine Code: FJ400D-R

My Cushman Hauler has performed flawlessly until today. When I step on the accelerator there was no sound, nothing happened. I replaced the battery and tried to start it. This time the solenoid clicked and there was continuity between the posts but again nothing else happened. I checked the 7.5 amp fuse located under the Electrical Controller cover and it was fine,

I have not been able to find an electrical diagram. I was hoping to find one showing the ignition sequence but have not had any luck.

What am I missing? I should point out that in spite of me using a few electrical terms in my description, I am electrically illiterate. However I do own a basic multimeter and am willing to learn. Thanking you in advance.