2015 Yamaha Low Run-time


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I have a 2015 Yamaha with new batteries. On a level street, I can get about 30-minutes of run-time, and then it begins to slow (or die). I installed a meter, where I see 50V and 170AH after charge. In addition, each battery reads approximately 8.5V with a multimeter. It seems to get a proper charge, but does not sustain life. What am I missing? What can deplete batteries quickly? Is this a grounding problem, a motor/cable problem or other? Thanks in advance.


It's possible one or more of the new batteries is weak/bad. Take a voltage reading after 30 minutes when the golf cart starts to slow down and post the results.


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Following is an excerpt from CU Battery Break-in Recommendations.
When I installed a new set of T-875s 10-1-20, I followed this recommendation, worked as described, I'll always Break-in FLAs in this manner, works.

IDK if this is your only issue? I agree w/ HotRodCarts about checking Voltages.

New batteries are initially about 75% of their full strength. The following procedure will insure they reach their full potential. The 1st 10 to 20 complete charge/discharge cycles are critical to insure they reach 100%. New batteries should be charged before use and thereafter as follows:
Plug the charger in and leave it alone until the charger shuts off by itself. Then drive to discharge the batteries to 75% of battery pack capacity (see chart for voltage readings or use 9 holes of golf as a reference point) Plug the cart back in and repeat the charge cycle.......It is very important you let it charge until it is completely done. Repeat this for the first 10 - 20 cycles......by the 12th cycle you will notice a difference in power, speed, and run-time.