2015 Fuel Injected Yamaha G29 Starter Wont Turn Over


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I have (7) 2010 Yamaha G29 gas carts (5) 2015 fuel injected gas carts. This is my 2015 cart. I do all my work. This one is hard to understand. (2) fuses good, one shows (-) one shows (+), pedal sensor good. starter selenoid, why is Red White wire and main starter wire (-) my thoughts the starter generator have test them all. On the starter checked brushes need new but I tested the started by jumping F2 (+) and A1 (-) started good. I have the full work manual, key good, but the cart wont turn over. Could it be a Dead Short? I'm thinking it might be the computer in the wheel wall on the passenger side. if any one can help Thank You my wife has a sad face, hope you can make her smile. TownAround.


I'm confused, you have a 2015 Yamaha that wont turn over? Does the solenoid click when pedal depressed? What is the battery voltage? Lets do the simple stuff first.