2015 EZGO TXT Street Ready


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Greetings everyone. First time poster. Just inherited an electric 2015 EZGO TXT cart. Family is very excited but I know nothing about owning one. Only renting for 18 holes..... lol.
Has a lift, off road tires and rims, soundbar, st body upgrade, brush guard, madjax fold down rear seat, some speed enhancement, power converter and 6 new titan batteries. I even installed seatbelts the other day. Pretty clean. As for as I can tell.
Wife wants it street ready. Came with cool factory headlights installed. Separate sockets for light and turn signal. No socket for turn signals!
Has nice factory tail lights too but only activate when headlights are turned on. No break light.
Looks like a 6 pin connector under the cup holders. But nothing extra i can see. Can I use the existing headlamps and install turn sockets? And then replace the harness with a 9 pin and hook it up including horn and break lights? Would the tail lights work or need new bulbs?


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Here are some pics. I appreciate any help. I plan to do the work myself and look forward to learning how it all works.


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I just joined the forum - also just got a 2015 TXT but mine doesn't have all the upgrades yours has. I do have after market lights that appear to be from EZGO (they match the picture for part # PF11565 on the EZGO website - but they say they are for the RXV model) but no turn signal, brake light, or horn. The same website that has my headlights also has a turn signal kit for $230 - I've found entire kits with lights, turn signal, horn and wiring for less than that. Were you able to get a turn signal kit, horn, and brake light switch installed without replacing the existing lights?