2015 EZGO TXT - Governor Engaging Randomly


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Hey guys- bought a 2015 EZGO TXT cart from a neighbor. Only variable since purchase is that I watered the batteries (48V - 6 batteries) using the Hydrolink system.

Neighbor said he'd never experienced issues before. But a few days after watering (may be a coincidence, but again, only variable I can think of), cart was moving slow - both uphills and down - even on full charge. Now it's moving more normal in the days since, but the governor does seem to be engaging randomly, even on flat or uphill surfaces - leading to a few unexpected jerks.

Any ideas?


The first thing you need to test is the batteries. If the batteries are weak they will cause problems like you're having. How old are they and what brand?


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Hey- thanks and I meant to include that. I did check the voltage of each battery - each carrying ~8.4-8.6v and a little more than 51v total.

Batteries were installed brand new in 2018, Trojan brand.