2014 Club Car Precedent Just Acquired - Plans for Upgrades - Tips Appreciated


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We just acquired a 2014 Club Car Precedent, white in color and I'm looking for tips on the plans I have for upgrades. It's in pretty good shape with a rear folding seat. It does not have a horn and the 12V cigarette lighter receptacle in the dash is not configured. It has lights (good) and seat belts (also good). It runs around 17 mph.

I’ve purchased a magnet to fool the speed controller, I just installed it and there was no change in speed. Since 17 mph is an odd speed (no code corresponds to that), I wonder if the magnet was not original. Oh, well - $14 down the drain.

Behind the dash plate is what appears to be a non-OEM wiring bundle (it’s the only one NOT in wire loom). The cigarette plug was not connected - I know know why - there are some interesting connections – the one that says 12V but is actually 16V!

Since I want some tunes, and I could not find a way to readily locate 12V (and not worry about current load), I ended up ordering a 48V-12V converter that should be in soon. It will handle up to 20A, so that should be plenty. Yesterday I ran the wiring for this from the battery compartment to behind the dash. It was too hard to snake the extra wires in the existing floor pan channels under the foot pad since there was a 90 degree I could not easily push through. It was pretty easy to run underneath, so rather than the wire loom hanging down a small amount, I’ll take my grinder and channel some grooves for the wiring/loom up into the channels of the plastic grid. I'll then use zip ties to hole the loom up. The conductors will be fused (by the 48V battery terminal), using loom to protect the conductors so that should work out fine.

I’m putting in automotive Hella horns (118dB) and a foot switch. I’ll wire the cigarette lighter as well. The last upgrade will be for tunes. I ran a 2 conductor wire inside the right forward roof support post (they had some considerate holes top and bottom for this purpose). Other than where that wiring comes out of the support post at the ceiling it's invisible. That will be the 12V supply to power a small Bluetooth amplifier (50W per channel – way more than I need). The amp also has a mini-connector. I’ll then mount some 4” square white speakers up front in the ceiling as well. Our phones will likely be the music source.

The googans that sold me the cart had mounted a nice little mesh bag in the ceiling, however.... they secured it by using self-tapping zinc screws that go from the inside, up and through the ceiling – sticking out of the top (what morons)! I’ll replace those with pan-head machine screws coming down from the top and some sealant to avoid leakage in the rain. After I’m done, I’ll trim the screw lengths with my dremel and use acorn nuts to look tidy. I’ve got a piece of ¼” thick starboard (white) coming in that will match the footprint of the mesh bag and existing screws. When it comes in I’ll decide if the little amp will be above the starboard or below the starboard. At this time my wife and I think above the starboard, since the roof plastic channels are not much less shallow than the height of the little amp. Only the 3 knobs will then be visible out the back of the gap. We’ll retain the mesh bag attached directly to the starboard.

Are there any good dash compartment organizers out there? The area could be compartmentalized a little better. I’m also thinking some cell phone holders would be nice.

If anyone can think of ideas, let me know.


You can buy dash kits that change the look and layout of the stock dash if that's what you're looking for. You can get cell phone holders that go in the cup holders or mount them wherever you like. Golf Cart Tire Supply carries the dah covers and should have cell phone holders also.