2013 Yamaha Ydre speed and power upgrade


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I have a 2013 yamaha ydre 48volt cart and am looking for a speed and power upgrade have been looking at a couple of items 1. the navitas 600 amp on the fly contoller or 2. an admiral 10 hp motor upgrade both are in almost the same price range,looking to know which of the following would be the best bang for the buck. Also with the controller upgrade has anyone any info if this is good for the stock motor and also if you changed to at least 4 gauge wires and a heavier solenoid. Any info would be much appreciatted


Get an XCT- 48500- ydre Alltrax controller programmed for speed. if that isn't enough then you can install a motor. This controller should put you in the 22 plus mph range. I don't recommend speeds faster than 25 for safety reasons.