2013 TERRAIN 250 Wiring


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Hello pretty new here but I was wondering if someone could point me in the right way, I recently acquired a EZGO Terrain 250 with the Kawasaki gas motor.
But when I got it, previous owner had done some custom wiring. and the wiring is not correct, So I am looking for an official wiring diagram for this model. I got the cart to run but it runs poorly electrical wise " No backup alarm, drains battery etc. "but I'm at a standstill and on my second battery don't want to start a fire. I'm scratching my head.

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Yes this is an actual EZGO wiring diagram saying you should short the battery directly to ground SMH. Pretty sure the battery polarity is supposed to be opposite what is shown


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Sorry for the late response I work shift work .
I didn’t know where to start taking pictures @Golf Cart Wizard that diagram is a big help attached are “some “ pictures I think I have it 80%


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Buzzer wire is easy. Should be mounted behind the dash and the red wire from it connects to the other terminal of the reverse microswitch. If you’re draining your battery constantly, something is shorted. It’s not fun but you’ll have to check for continuity through all of your wires. Keyswitch and the positive small post of your solenoid are good places to start troubleshooting from. Make sure everything is only getting power whenever it needs to. As in solenoid is only activated when key is on and pedal is depressed etc. I’d also take a look at if your pedal microswitch is functional and rewire those connections coming from it (red and green wires). They look…not the best. Wire tracing and function checks should help to isolate the problem. A big, and often overlooked, part of wiring is grounding so don’t forget to ensure those points have solid connection as well. Wizard’s diagram should help a ton.


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Wizards diagram was a big help I narrowed it down to the reverse micro switch being bad I got it all wired up correctly cart runs I let see if battery still drains as it sits with key off but just bypassed the micro switch for now until new comes in appreciate y’all


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Golf cart Wizard is correct. All the documentation regarding wiring on these carts has caused many issues, as the battery is shown reverse polarity.
I have commented on this many times in the past.
Glad you seem to have got your issue sorted out though.