2013 Precedent Crawls, if Moves at All


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Am I wrong to have enjoyed this thread? Grappling with how carts are being used year round in Edmonton-as snowplows? Hope you get it sorted O.P
that is why i am here to learn and give any of my limited knowledge to others

a cart as a snowplow is an interesting concept
care to share more on that ?
maybe some pics ?


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The culprit appears to have been the main relay. High-side terminal had melted and broken loose. Replaced and back in business.

So, current single battery pack doesn't appear to be the issue. Performed a BMS reset on the battery just as a precaution. Ordered a 2nd battery to double the range, will now have 128Ah LiFePo on tap for hopefully about 30 miles between recharges in our typical usage. More than enough to get all over this golf cart town per day.


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It seems to me an infrared thermometer could have found this issue rather quickly. i am happy the OP got his cart going and I try to learn from every thread here. What I take away from this thread is there was some serious heat generated where the actual issue was and it could have been found quickly with the right tool. Many failures will come from loose or dirty connections but that solenoid looks clean and most likely suffered from an internal failure IMO. Thoughts?


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Great observation, but how many cart owners are going to have one handy. And if you have an IR Temp gun you would be well advised to have one of these too.
so that one is 200.00 on amazon

this one is 100.00

VDIAGTOOL V200 Pro Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester​

and i like the reviews i read
one of which sounded like an ad
but the other seemed more like a working mechanic and he had pics of other tools he used before this one

100.00 wont get you out of the shop door most of the time