2013 EZGO RXV Rear Grinding/Brushing Noise


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Hi all, new to the forum and happy it exists. This weekend I bought a used 2013 EZGO RXV. The car is in great shape with a nice lift kit and new wheels. The only problem is that there is a grinding or brushing noise that comes from the rear. The noise is most persistent when the auto break would kick in, decelerating or pushing the break. At high speeds, the noise goes away. The previous owner changed the wheel bearings and motor break. I checked both hubs and didn't see any issues, teeth look in great shape. We just changed the differential fluid, it was dark and grey, to Castrol 85w140 and it runs a bit smoother but noise still persists. I've read online about possibly checking the engine bearing. I've never taken a motor down and probably don't have the right tools. My mechanic is about 3 weeks out with service calls. Is there a for sure way to find if it is the engine bearing? Could this be a job that I can take care of? Any prior threads with instructions? Thanks so much everybody!


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