2011 Yamaha YDRE Solenoid Keeps Dropping Out

I have a 2011 Yamaha YDRE and whenever you switch from tow to run the solenoid pulls up then keeps dropping out and the golf cart wont move. The repair shop replaced the solenoid and it's still doing the same thing. They checked the controller by pushing the cart with key on and tow switch in run in reverse and said no resistance so controller was bad. They replaced the controller with a new one and the golf cart is doing the same thing. The solenoid pulls up and drops off. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong, I am tired of spending all the money without it being fixed already cost me $700.
Any help would be appreciated.


Check the 3 wire plug connector on the motor to make sure it's making a good connection. Unplug it and look at terminals to make sure there's no corrosion on them. I had a Yamaha YDRE here at the shop that was doing the same thing and that was the problem. When @Zman sees this post he'll be able to give you some ideas on what else the problem might be. Welcome to the forum. :hattip:
When I unplug the three wire plug at the motor the solenoid kicks in and golf cart works fine.

What does the three wire plug do? When I plug it back in the cart quits again. The wiring diagram shows 3 wire plug goes to controller. Can I just leave it unplugged?


On a Yamaha YDRE they call it a tach sensor. If the golf cart runs with the sensor unplugged I would guess the sensor is bad. I don't think it would hurt the cart to run with it unplugged but it may not perform right. I would advise removing the sensor and inspecting the magnet and replacing it if it's bad. It could also be a problem with the wiring from the controller to the sensor or the controller itself causing the problem.
Thanks the cart did the same thing with the old controller and the new controller so I agree it is probably the sensor. isn't the sensor inside the motor?


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My 2007 YDRE has had the exact same problem and similar recommendations and attempted solutions by local golf cart shops, it went to different shops 3 different times and they never identified the problem and tried solutions of new batteries (which were probably close to needing replacement) a new controller, a new on/off key switch and a new solenoid adding up to over $2000 in towing, evaluation, parts and labor.
After seeing you're thread I went out and disconnected it and the cart runs like a dream!!! I will be following the thread to see if you think it is necessary to replace sensor and if so if I can do it or it will need to be done at shop. Thanks