2011 Yamaha YDRA


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This cart is a brand new design by Yamaha. I haven't been able to "Google" any performance upgrades for the cart as of yet. Initially, I'm interested in an better air intake and exhaust system. If anyone one knows of any available performance upgrades, I would appreciate a reply.
After purchasing the Yamaha shop manual, I was able to adjust the two Throttle cables, which increased the top-end RPMs from 2400 to about 3300 RPMs.
If I take my foot off the gas from a wide open throttle, and come to a complete stop, I usually get one "pop" from somewhere in the engine. To avoid this "engine pop," all I have to do is come to a stop from a lower RPM.
I would like to know what is causing the "pop" and if it can damage any part of the cart?
Thank you in advance for any and all replies.


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the pop is most likely unburnt fuel built up in the muffler that ignites, make sure the throttle butterfly is completely closed when the engine is stopped.