2011 Club Car Precedent Not Driving Properly


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Hey guys! So I own a 2011 Club Car Precedent and I’ve been facing quite a few issues lately and it's not driving properly. When I drive the cart it often has a jerking motion. It doesn’t always come on instantly, but I’ll be driving along and suddenly I’ll encounter the cart doing a jerking motion, as if it’s being accelerated than stopped on a repeat cycle. In addition, the low battery light comes on right after it’s been fully charged. The batteries are relatively new on the cart. I believe these issues are a result of the governor that came with the cart, causing me to slow down abruptly on downhills and an overall slower speed. Does anyone know how to solve any of these issues or how to remove the governor? Thank you :)


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you could be correct but if so you have more than one problem test the batteries under load and look for bad connections on the big wires