2010 Star Wiring Diagram?


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I'm working on a 2010 Star 48V Classic model (I think), and a wiring diagram with wire numbers and color codes would be a great help if someone has one.

The accessories are not working including the headlights, turn signals, brake lights, horn.

The wires are numbered and have color codes.

Tracing through the wiring thus far, it looks like the 48/12 voltage reducer is dead and there is a 48V 4pin PR120 relay that has bad contacts so far.

The 48V relay coil is energized by the ignition switch, and the contacts control the 12v source from the voltage reducer. I am at wire #60 (red with black stripe) and need to know where it goes next preferably without opening any more harnesses to trace wires. I have an open circuit from there to ground. I know this circuit has to go to the steering column switches but don't see that color wire so it changes along the way.

Also any suggestions on where to purchase this 48V relay is welcome. I can find the China manufacturers website but not where to purchase it in the US. I suppose directly from Star EV might be a source, but have not explored that yet.

Thank you for the help.


Most china made carts have the 48 volt solenoid closing to supply 48 volts to voltage reducer. 12 volts is then produced at the turn signal switch, brakes switch etc. If there is a bad ground to the reducer you could see 48 volts on every wire.