2010 EZGO TXT Slowing Down to a Crawl

Jeff Dodson

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I have the NAVITAS 48V system with controller. I tried to drive it around the neighborhood last night and would not run very fast and as I drove it, it kept slowing down to a crawl and the headlights started flashing as I was trying to make it home.

The battery volt guage showed it was full charge, but it acted like it was going dead. I put it on the charger over night. When I checked on it this morning, it sounded as it the batteries were boiling.... I unplugged the charger and the batteries sounded like they were cooling down...


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Your batteries were dead, the gauge means nothing. Boiling electolyte is normal, you should plug the golf cart back in and let the charge cycle finish, you always want to let the charger complete with lead batteries.

If boiling is excessive then you may not have the correct algorithm in the charger and you should see if it can be programmed to the correct battery type, also make sure battery water levels are not low

Jeff Dodson

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My battery settings...

Battery inverter... I turned that on last night because I just got a 1 then 3 beep.... when I turned it on, the error code went away and the beep stopped


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