2010 EZGO Kawasaki Engine Slow


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My 2010 EZGO TXT with the Kawasaki engine is a real dog. All my buddies with the 295 engine leave me in there dust there carts are stock with no adjustments to there motors. Any one else having this problem?


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I'd guess it's a gov. setting. The new kawasaki's are fast and have plenty of power. I've got an '08 RXV and it'll run circles around a 295 robin.


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DS do you know what model that Kawasaki engine is? I thought it was an FE 400 and asked this question on one of those other forums but if your not on their favorites list they wont respond to you
, so F'em.
The cable on the rear is known for coming loose on those. I had a guy with the same problem... So I adjusted it and he was shocked in the difference.