2009 Club Car Only Clicks and Buzzes, Suspect Controller or Motor Issue


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I have a 2009 Club Car Precedent 48v IQ
It's been in storage for years (maybe 9 or 10?)
From the symptoms when it went down I replaced the MCOR
and upgraded the dead lead acid batteries to LifePo. (Bigbattery)

I did the OBC bypass (including jumping blue to white wires) I ended up removing the whole charge port and harness since I want to use the hole for my new LifePo charger. Left the black wire from OBC run to the battery main negative.

With fully charged battery pack,
key on,
switch in forward
go pedal pressed
only click of solenoid.
In reverse,
backup buzzer sounds
and click of solenoid.

(Checked 15 amp fuse and it's good. Diode looks good.)

Unless I did something wrong during OBC bypass, I'm suspecting controller or motor? Have a tester but haven't tested either yet. Would need some advice on the testing.

Thanks for any ideas. Glad I found this group.
Part Number 102806201
MODEL: 1510A-5251

Club Car Motor
48v AU2500 3.3HP
Part #s 102705001 EJ4-4001


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The OBC has an input to the controller. You must check that 1 input first not sure if it needs to go high or low.


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Hey Diode,
Pretty sure the jump I did between the blue and white wires in the OBC bypass gives the controller what it needs?
Took wires off motor and did multiple continuity tests with multimeter.
All passed.

Wires back on motor - (battery disconnected)
Jacked rear wheels off the ground.
Using two jumpers and 12v battery
Motor passed wheel spin test

If my MCOR (Chinese from Amazon) were dead out of the box, would it cause the symptoms I listed above? I'm still in the 30 day return window.

Otherwise, seems like Motor Controller to me?
(The original is a Curtis 250amp 1510A-5251)
Anyone have any favorite brands or companies? Alltrax has been recommended.

Thanks Zman - for the welcome to Club Car land!