What does it take to get a 2008 up in speed. Does it have the chips for it like Ezgo or is it a computer upgrade like Club Car? Help please never have messed with one. I have a friend @ work wanting to get some speed out of it.

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I dont think think you can increase the top speed on a Yamaha without upgrading parts. Motor, controller etc.


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I don't know which controller Yamaha uses but most are programmable if you have the software and/or programmer. They do not have the plug like an EZGO to upgrade speed.

The only upgrade for speed I know of is the D397 GE 4.3 hp 3500 rpm motor, it should give you about 23 mph on the flats. People who have done this have complained about shortened battery life.
The controller that is stock is only 275 amps.
I would start with a 4ga cable upgrade and see what that does.
Adding 20" tires in lieu of the 18" will give you a couple of mph.