2008 EZGO TXT Upgraded to 48V and Burnt Out 4 Forward/Reverse Switches


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Hi! Am hoping someone smarter than me can lead me in the right direction. We had our 2008 EZGO TXT cart built from a 36V retired golf course cart in 2015. Guy put in a Plum Quick motor and upgraded the batteries, controller and solenoid to handle 48V because we needed it to be a little faster (hilly neighborhood).

It has a "heavy duty" forward and reverse switch (it's the one that uses a lever in the seat) and what is happening is that it burns out after about a year with maybe being driven once or twice a week - not hard usage. We have had it happen so the lever doesn't even move, to where the lever will move but no power goes to the cart and the cart itself doesn't move. I know when it happens that is what the issue is and every time a new switch gets us back into motion for a while.

Was told by the friendly repairman who we have paid over $300 to replace the switch 3 times now, that it's because we upgraded it to 48V and that there's nothing we can do to prevent it from happening again - he advised me to sell the cart and get a new one, he can't fix the problem.

Not sure anyone has really tried hard to determine why it's happening so before we go that route, what are some things we CAN try to look at to see if maybe they are causing the switch to overload and burn out? My gut is telling me something is sending too much current to the switch, but being a cart driver not repairman, have no idea where to start. Appreciate any suggestions!


Diode is correct , I replace mechanical F&R switches to a solenoid set up. They work great!