2008 EZGO ST Sport - too slow - too quiet


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Hello everyone.

Here is my situation:
I acquired a 2008 EZGO 36v ST Sport 2+2, lifted, 22" tires, black on black, extended top, CD/Stereo and very, very lightly used.
But not sure I like electric. Too slow and I like the fact of adding gas rather than running our of charge. I also want something faster. Currently I go 15-18mph and I'd like something closer to 25-30mph.
Can I convert to gas? Or will I get hammered by a dealer on a trade?

Thanks for any help!


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The electric to gas conversion is possible but not cost effective. Your best bet would be selling the cart then go by a gasser. Don't expect to go 30 MPH with either without spending some cash...


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hey vinny, i have the same cart but 4" lift and just 20" wheels, but it has the new subaru 350cc gas engine, that thing will climb a wall if you let it, see if the dealer will make you a trade for a gas cart, you wont be disapointed with the st sport i love mine : )


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no, mine has a subaru built engine, i think they bought out robins which is the engine they usually put in ezgos