2008 EZGO RXV Motor Overheating


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I bought this 2008 EZGO RXV without a motor, and it had a sketchy looking Dahner controller for a matter of nothing. I bought a new Mahle replacement motor, because I understand no one makes an aftermarket motor for these carts. I purchased the Navitas TAC controller that replaces the old Dahner. Got the cart running awesome, but the motor gets extremely hot ( to hot to touch for more than a couple of seconds), and will go into limp mode. I have changed the temp sensor setting in the app, which lowered the temp reading in the app, which is preventing it from going into limp mode, but the motor is scalding hot while the temp in the app says it's 25°c which can't be right.
Anyone have any experience with this setup, or that stock Mahle motor? I work on Carts, but this is really my first RXV. I have this thing ready to sale, but don't want to sale it like this.


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are you basing this on it shutting down or do you have a temp gage connected? I am locking for a temp gage.
I am basing it on the temp gauge in the Navitas app. , and my hand touching the motor. They're 2 different sensor settings in the Navitas app. The default setting would show it getting to 120°c when the controller would go into limp mode due to the motor temp being too high. Motor would be so hot you couldn't touch it.
Some folks told me on the Navitas Facebook page to switch to the other sensor setting. I did, and it dropped the temp reading way down, but I don't think it's right, because it shows a cold motor at 0°C on a 85°f day, and around 30°c after riding a few minutes when can't touch the motor. I don't know much about Celsius, but I know 0 is freezing. My conclusion is I think the original setting was correct, but what is causing a brand new motor to heat up so much. Cart will roll freely with the brake unlocked.