2007 Yamaha YDRE - Won't Drive - Need Help Troubleshooting


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Hello All,

2007 Yamaha YDRE - Electric 48v (4x12v)
Problem: Cart suddenly would not go
Downloaded and printed the wiring Diagram
What I know: Batteries are 3yrs old, showing and holding a full charge (50v), battery fluid full
When you toggle the Tow switch there is a click
When you toggle the Key switch ON there is no click

Replaced solenoid relay - no change

Don't want to continue throwing parts at it so hoping someone could help guide me thru troubleshooting.

Thanks Much!!


Forum member @Zman knows a lot about the Yamaha Golf carts and should be able to help you out when he sees this post. Welcome to the forum. :hattip:


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Thanks, I did find a couple posts with similar symptoms finding a solution with the 3 wire plug at the motor, going to take that apart tonight.


Okay when you push down on gas pedal you hear a click from solenoid. If you do not , pull floor board on drivers side. remove metal plate covering the pedals. there is a start /stop switch on the gas pedal that has a plunger that closes contacts when pedal is pushed. check that there is no debris around plunger causing the plunger to stick. if that is okay unplug switch and jumper the contacts on the harness side , if solenoid clicks replace switch., Once solenoid is active cart should run.