2007 Yamaha YDRE - Won't Drive - Need Help Troubleshooting


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Hello All,

2007 Yamaha YDRE - Electric 48v (4x12v)
Problem: Cart suddenly would not go
Downloaded and printed the wiring Diagram
What I know: Batteries are 3yrs old, showing and holding a full charge (50v), battery fluid full
When you toggle the Tow switch there is a click
When you toggle the Key switch ON there is no click

Replaced solenoid relay - no change

Don't want to continue throwing parts at it so hoping someone could help guide me thru troubleshooting.

Thanks Much!!


Forum member @Zman knows a lot about the Yamaha Golf carts and should be able to help you out when he sees this post. Welcome to the forum. :hattip:


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Thanks, I did find a couple posts with similar symptoms finding a solution with the 3 wire plug at the motor, going to take that apart tonight.