2007 Yamaha Drive Review

I finally got a chance to "drive the Drive" today, and here are my findings. :-D

**Please note, that when I do reviews, I put all personal preference aside, so you can rest assured that I rate things for what they are!**

When I pulled up, my first impression was, "Not a bad looking cart!" I looked it over pretty well from top to bottom before I drove it to analyze the fit and finish of it. Improved? YES! Best? No.

The Driving Experience
The engine is quite smooth, but has a very strange sound to it. The powertrain of the cart is sluggish at best. From a complete stop, when floored, the engine lugs off the line, revs up fairly high without accelerating, then lugs the rest of the way up to speed. There is absolutely no feeling of acceleration. For an 11.4hp engine, it should be better. The brakes are a different story. They are very quick and operate smoothly. When the parking brake is engaged, you can still move the cart somewhat like a vehicle in "Park." When changing gears, you MUST come to a complete stop or the transmission will grind horribly. Neutral is nearly nonexistent. The cart's ride is bottom-rung. The front end feels loose and the steering is slow to react. Even at 12mph, it gets somewhat squirrely. There is no body roll to the cart, it instead pushes the front wheels or kicks the rear end from side to side.

Inside the Cart
The first thing you notice when you enter the cart is the cupholders. The new center console is one that will have to be caught up to by the competition. Its placement is near perfect, and there are multiple sized cupholders, and even a cell phone holder. The seat looks comfortable, but it is very hard, and the back is poorly shaped. The steering wheel is too parallel to the ground, it feels somewhat like driving a semi. In turns, the best armrests in the business, keep you secure. Quality is high in areas such as materials, but the build quality is lacking greatly. The floormat fits tightly and even overlaps in some areas, and in others there is a 1/2" gap. The composite floorboard surface is exposed behind the pedals. The front roof support boots against the body fit poorly, and form marks are evident on the rear drainage spouts. The roof is flimsy in the middle.

Engine: Yamaha-built 357cc 11.4hp @ 3500 RPM gasoline engine.
Transaxle: TEAM unitized with built-in brakes
0-top speed: 7.16 seconds
Steering: double-ended rack and pinion
Suspension: front struts with cast steel lower control arms; rear coilover shocks with sway bar


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Thanks for posting the photos and opinion on The 2008 Yamaha Drive. I agree with NONONO EZGO on some of points. I do like the steering position, it is just right for me. Ride is firm and seats are firm. Arm rests do a good job holding you in. Cup holder location is great, after having to reach for my drinks is now an easy task. In my opinion the top is much better than the one I had on my EZGO. I like the big basket and I have taken the large hole for a sand rake and used it for a ball retriever. The 4 year warranty is a big plus. Hope the gas version works for me better than that last electric EZGO.

My main use of my new Yamaha 08 gas cart is for golfing and riding the grandkids around.

This is my first post on the forum and I plan to participate as much as possible. GT