2007 Gas Club Car, --slow--


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Ok, I know it's a big secret, but I'll find out some where if not here, but how can I get this new 2007 Gas Club Car golf cart to run faster without compromising the engine. I lengthened the accelerator rod, it mite be doing 16 mph but thats all. I'd like to do at least 20 to 22 and not pop through the carb



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You can always Zip tie the Govenor spring!!!
Here's how I did it!

On my 07 FE350, I used two VERY small zip ties...
and was able to pinch it between the cable end, and the spring, so it wouldn't bind, or relocate itself!


Before you do the Zip tie, disconnect the limiter ground strap,
(the box on the lower, front of the engine,) remove... (do NOT cut!) the small wire w/eyelet
coming out of the box and going to the bolt on the left side holding the limiter on, reinstall the bolt and tape up the eyelet!
If you don't do this... the engine will "bounce" off of the limiter! (shut off and start back up, at full throttle)
and will cause damage to your engine!

Next, set up a tachometer (I used a car tach with a spark plug wire sensor)
With the cart on jack stands, and in maintenence mode
Install the Zip ties loosely, floor it, check the tach, release, adjust the ties evenly, and check again!

WATCH THE TACH!, and MAKE SURE you don't go over 4200 RPM's!!!
Anything more then that will cause damage to your engine!
(If you go over 4200 rpm's, cut the tie, and start over again!)

My FE350 GPSed @ 28 mph, I did it to a buddies FE290, and we GPSed it at @22 mph!

Good luck! and Be Careful!


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Thanks for the reply. It would be nice if we could get a tach that could be set to limit RPM and act as a limiter, set at 4000RPM, then we'd be safe.



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That's exactly what a govenor is for!!! and... that's why we mess with them!

I would suggest to keep it regulated @ 4000/4200 RPM's with the "GO" pedal floored,
rather then watching a tach while going fast(er)!

just my 2 cents!